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Automatic internal climate control with integrated GPS tracking technology


A lightweight, discreet GPS tracking device for any musical instrument


Track and monitor your instrument right from your smart phone or tablet
With "superior construction and protective features" and "cutting edge technology", Tempo products can save you money on your musical instrument insurance! Learn more.

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Reviews and Endorsements

Our agency is devoted exclusively to insuring musical instruments for musicians worldwide. Over our twenty five year history, we have witnessed the destruction of a number of fine instruments housed in unprotected cases. The Tempo Prodigy Case and the AnyCase GPS Tracking Device are in a word, AMAZING; an insurance underwriter’s dream! We cannot wait for additional Tempo products to protect stringed instruments of antiquity and value. Individuals, organizations and dealers who use Tempo products to protect their instruments, bows and related accessories are eligible to receive discounts with Anderson Insurance. The purchase of a Tempo product is a no-brainer. Bravo.

Heritage Insurance recognizes the unique and superior protective features of the Prodigy Violin Case and the AnyCase GPS Tracking Device. We are proud to partner with Tempo Cases to provide you with the highest level of protection against damage and loss. New and current Heritage clients who use Tempo products to protect and monitor their valuable instruments, bows and other items may qualify for discounted insurance rates with Heritage.

Clarion Insurance recognizes that musical instrument cases and portable GPS Devices for instrument cases such as those made by Tempo offer superior construction and protective features. These protective features include a unique GPS/GSM tracking system, automatic temperature and humidity control, a text message and email-based alert system, and other cutting edge technology that will serve to greatly reduce the risk of adverse loss. Clarion is proud to partner with Tempo Cases to provide the best protection for your treasured and valuable instruments. Please note that all Tempo case and Tempo AnyCase GPS Device owners can receive a discount off any new policy with Clarion!*


The Tempo AnyCase Device is a fantastic tool for any musician traveling with a valuable instrument. I constantly travel to different venues around the world to perform, and I feel much safer knowing that I have this device to protect my violin! It takes only a few seconds of distraction and your instrument is gone. You should never let your guard down while traveling, but this GPS device definitely adds an extra layer of safety. Whether your violin is left on a train, in a cab, in a restaurant, or stolen (all of which have happened to musicians), your chances of recovering it will be much better with this device. The AnyCase device is camouflaged and not recognizable as a GPS device, yet it is easy to take out, charge up and place back into the case. The online tracking portal and the iPhone app make it easy for me to send tracking commands to my device, and to check its previous locations.

Augustin The Prodigy case is an impressive case which delivers the ultimate in security and safety measures to protect your precious instrument. I love the GPS tracking system, which is concealed and perfectly integrated into the case. You can easily track your instrument with your iPhone, and the case sends you important messages and alerts. And thanks to the sophisticated humidity and climate systems you can stop worrying about how the weather, dryness and humidity, heat and cold affect your instrument. It provides a great deal of security during travel, and is also ideal for storing a violin during the hot, humid summer or dry winter.

- AUGUSTIN HADELICH regularly tours and performs as a soloist with the top symphony orchestras in the world. Mr. Hadelich performs on the priceless 1723 “Ex-Kiesewetter” Stradivari violin. The 2006 Gold medalist of the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, he is also a recipient of Lincoln Center’s Martin E. Segal Award (2012), an Avery Fisher Career Grant (2009) and a Borletti-Buitoni Trust Fellowship in the UK (2011). Mr. Hadelich holds an artist diploma from The Juilliard School.

Sonia The Tempo Prodigy Violin Case is the finest, most technologically advanced case I have ever owned. It has the highest magnitude of features that give me both peace of mind and rest assurance in protecting my precious violin from any harm. All of my other violin cases pale in comparison since they do not have even a quarter of the features or technical advancement of the Tempo Prodigy case. Thank you for inventing such an incredible product! All violinists should purchase this case to ensure that their violins are fully protected.

- SONIA LEE was only a teenager when she performed at Carnegie Hall. She then went on to debut with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and entered Juilliard before becoming the youngest principal violinist with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at age 21. Ms. Lee went on to perform with the Three Tenors, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, Chantal Kreviazuk, Rod Stewart, Brian Wilson, Diana Ross, Chris Botti, Raine Maida, Paul McCartney and many more. Sonia has also recently won accolades for her film scores; her soundtrack for the film ‘RAISED ALONE’ was honored with the Best Film Score award at the 2010 Detroit Film Awards directed by Sam Kadi.

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